Thursday, March 28, 2013

Q & A - Mulching.

I'm thinking of mulching my beds it best to use a weed barrier paper before putting the mulch down?
- Plymouth

Thanks for asking!  Excellent question!  
Mulching is a great activity which can help create a healthier and more attractive landscape.  
Regarding using the weed barrier fabric - This could be a simple answer, or it could be a complex one.  Let me give you my general advise in a pretty brief form.  Due to the fact that mulch is an organic material in the process of decomposition, I do not generally recommend using a weed barrier fabric under it.  If mulched properly and maintained regularly, weeds will be kept to a minimum.  However, since mulch naturally decomposes, it eventually creates a nutrient rich soil for your plants.....AND WEEDS! :)  If you put weed barrier fabric under the mulch, be prepared for weeds growing in the soil (on top of the fabric) in just a few short years.  Also, water will be able to permeate the correct weed fabric, but most of the rich nutrients created by the decomposing material will not be as great of a benefit to the plants. 
The best things is to keep your mulch turned or topped off, and take just a few minutes to pull a weed or two every now and again.  Always feel free to contact us for additional advise!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Q&A: New website feature allows you to ask landscaping questions

Roose Bros. Land Management is pleased to unveil a new website on Monday, March 11. We'll be revealing new several new features that will enhance our customer service offerings, but one of the most exciting is our new question and answer page.